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Special Kath-Only Microepisode: For Cis Straights At Their First Pride

Special Kath-Only Microepisode: For Cis Straights At Their First Pride

June 15, 2018


We ARE on vacation, but Kath had to make this microepisode for the cis and straight people who may be attending Pride celebrations this month.  Here's what to do to be a great ally-- and what to avoid! Play it for your cool ally friends. Happy Pride!


Invictus Animus' amazing article Why "Ally" Is A Verb Not A Noun


The Gender Rebels are on Vacation

The Gender Rebels are on Vacation

June 7, 2018

But don't worry, we will be back soon! 


Katie Rain Hill

Katie Rain Hill

June 1, 2018


Author, activistand super wonderful fantastic person Katie Rain Hill sits down with the Gender Rebels for the second part of our 100th episode. We'll talk about growing up transgender in a religious, military family, transitioning at a young age, coming out, why listening to oposition matters, and the importance recycling bins at conferences. 


Be sure to check out Katie's memoir Rethinking Normal on Amazon (we can't recommend this book enough! You should buy it and read it).
Also be wowed by the Barney's Spring Campaign 2014 that Katie modelled for.
And here's a link to the WPATH standards of care.



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