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February 25, 2020 @ 9:02 pm

Vaginoplasty 101 Part I

NYU-Langone offers a day-long class in vaginoplasty for women who have their GRS scheduled in the near future.  Caregivers are able to attend too!  So we went, listened, took notes, asked questions, and ate sandwiches.  We learned SO MUCH that we couldn't fit it all into one episode. We could barely fit it into two.  So enjoy these mega-episodes!

A hand mirror is recommended for looking at one's brand-new vagina.  Your phone, or a compact, won't work.  Sure, any hand mirror will do. But here, we like to go big or go home.

Psychology Today can help you find a therapist.  (That's the US link, so go here if you're CanadianMexican, or if you live outside North America.)

The OUT Foundation partnered with NYU-Langone for the class. They can provide resources for people traveling for their GRS, and seem pretty cool overall.  They have an inclusive gym finder, host the Big Gay Field Day , and started the Don't Be An Asshole Tour.

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February 14, 2020 @ 3:12 pm

Faith The Grifter


Faith wants to be a grifter. Help Kath talk her out of it. This episode is kind of a throwback to the first podcast we dd together, Fool Me Once about scams (patrons can hear all 3 episodes we did)

A bounty of links for this episode:

The Community Service Society of New York helped Faith take on her health insurance company.

The Mt Sinai plastic surgery dept staff supporting Dr. Avanessian are amazing human beings-- so amazing, the famously misanthropic Faith DaBrooke wrote thank you notes to them
Faith says, see Birds of Prey .
Kath says, see Parasite .
Read the book My Friend Anna, so you can learn more about the shitty human being Anna Delvey, whose black chiffon babydoll dress is 99% of the reason Faith wants to be a grifter.
"Oh no!  I dropped my twelve pack of delicious Sticky's chicken fingers! My boss is gonna KILL me!"
Ear Hustle podcast from prison, where we'll definitely end up.
Orange is the New Black , the book, not the show, is really good.
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