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February 14, 2020 @ 3:12 pm

Faith The Grifter


Faith wants to be a grifter. Help Kath talk her out of it. This episode is kind of a throwback to the first podcast we dd together, Fool Me Once about scams (patrons can hear all 3 episodes we did)

A bounty of links for this episode:

The Community Service Society of New York helped Faith take on her health insurance company.

The Mt Sinai plastic surgery dept staff supporting Dr. Avanessian are amazing human beings-- so amazing, the famously misanthropic Faith DaBrooke wrote thank you notes to them
Faith says, see Birds of Prey .
Kath says, see Parasite .
Read the book My Friend Anna, so you can learn more about the shitty human being Anna Delvey, whose black chiffon babydoll dress is 99% of the reason Faith wants to be a grifter.
"Oh no!  I dropped my twelve pack of delicious Sticky's chicken fingers! My boss is gonna KILL me!"
Ear Hustle podcast from prison, where we'll definitely end up.
Orange is the New Black , the book, not the show, is really good.
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The Gender Rebels is a weekly question-and-answer podcast that explores life outside the binary; crossdressing, transgender topics, queer life and anything else that helps break down the gender binary. It's hosted by Faith, a transgender woman in Brooklyn, and her cis female partner Kath. You might also hear a bark or two in the background from our cis dog Rocket. To ask us a question or share a thought emails us at
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