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May 31, 2021 @ 1:10 pm

“Manning” the Grill


Memorial Day used to be Decoration Day because you're supposed to decorate the graves of fallen soldiers.

Yes, housewives were told to put hot dogs in Jello.  We wouldn't make up something like that.

NASA briefly considered sending women on the Mercury VII mission but ultimately made John Glenn the first American astronaut in orbit instead. NASA's official selection criteria for astronauts was

  1. Less than 40 years old;
  2. Less than 5 feet 11 inches (1.80 m) tall;
  3. In excellent physical condition;
  4. With a bachelor's degree or equivalent;
  5. A graduate of test pilot school;
  6. With a minimum of 1,500 hours total flying time; and
  7. A qualified jet pilot.

But the unofficial criteria? Well, they were all white male Protestants with wives and children. They were all the eldest or only sons in their families and they were all raised in small towns.


Grilled broccoli is amazing.  Don't forget the red pepper flakes! I like to leave the stems long; they make a nice handle for turning on the grill surface.


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The Gender Rebels is a weekly question-and-answer podcast that explores life outside the binary; crossdressing, transgender topics, queer life and anything else that helps break down the gender binary. It's hosted by Faith, a transgender woman in Brooklyn, and her cis female partner Kath. You might also hear a bark or two in the background from our cis dog Rocket. To ask us a question or share a thought emails us at
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