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December 15, 2019 @ 6:57 pm

Supporting A Gender-Questioning Partner

Awesome partner Jenny asked us "I was wondering if you could discuss the gender spectrum a bit and what it means to be gender questioning. My partner doesn't really know how they feel but they know that they don't feel entirely their assigned gender. As a straight cis woman, I am having a really hard time understanding these feelings and what to do, if anything, to support them in helping them figure out what makes them most comfortable." We discuss how labels can be both helpful and unhelpful, the kinds of questions necessary, what societal strictures should be ignored, and the frustrations Jenny's partner may encounter.

There's a great guide to figuring out a non-binary identity from Micah at Everyday Feminism.

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The Gender Rebels is a weekly question-and-answer podcast that explores life outside the binary; crossdressing, transgender topics, queer life and anything else that helps break down the gender binary. It's hosted by Faith, a transgender woman in Brooklyn, and her cis female partner Kath. You might also hear a bark or two in the background from our cis dog Rocket. To ask us a question or share a thought emails us at
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