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November 16th, 2017


It's great when cis people are trans allies. But can you screw up being an ally? Will people think you're trans if you join in the fight? Will you make it too much about you? In this episode we answer a listener question from Sarah who asks "As an ally, I worry about potentially falling into a cultural appropriation trap. Am I sending a transmission through some of these choices? I don't care whether or not people in general wonder if I'm trans, but, I also don't want to end up centering myself in the process. In other words...I don't want to be a Rachel Dolezal." 

Check out wikipedia if you want to read to sordid tale of Rachel Doezal. Also here's the list of films featuring a "White Savior" narrative.  In this episode we mention Callen Lorde Community Health Center, an LGBTQ health center in NYC that provides care regardless of ability to pay. They do amazing, sorely needed work for vulnerable communities.  You can click here to donate and help support their work.

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